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Internet Explorer 6 Gaining Ground

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According to StatMarket, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 has a 34% share of the browser market, which is the second most popular browser version behind its predecessor, Internet Explorer 5. The various versions of Netscape have fallen to under 7% from 12% before IE 6's release.

However, as has been mentioned before, both here on and elsewhere, if AOL, which owns Netscape, switches its userbase from using Internet Explorer as its built-in browser to Netscape 6, there could be a sudden, serious increase in the usage of Netscape 6. Subscribers to AOL make up almost 15% of internet users, according to StatMarket.

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Ben Dyer has been tinkering with computers his entire life (starting with a TI-99 around age 3), and has been doing internet stuff for around six years now. For five years (about two ice ages in internet time), he was Senior Internet Developer for Imaginuity Interactive, an internet development firm in Dallas, Texas, before leaving in March 2003 to co-found ToSon BT, a company that provides creative and technical services (presentations, audio/video, live shows, internet) for churches and ministries.

His personal projects include DFW, which keeps track of anime goings-on in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Anime Blog Muyo! which is a group blog about anime. You can also read all about his nonexistant escapades (or at least find a bunch of stupid links) at his personal blog.

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