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Apache 2 0 Released

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Cv 0 comes with a raft of new and improved features, including:

  • Radically improved support for non-*nix operating systems such as Microsoft Windows NT/2000. Apache 2.0 no longer relies on POSIX emulation, and is instead compiled with OS-specific extensions to core code called the Apache Portable Runtime. Additionally, on Win32 the server has native Unicode support throughout.
  • Support for input and output filtering through the module API
  • Support for IPv6
  • Simplified configuration

However, whilst the server is now ready for production use - indeed, on non-Unix systems, administrators are encouraged to switch as soon as possible - most administrators will be waiting for the release of compatible versions of mod_perl and mod_php before making the upgrade. So far, neither is ready.

The new release (and version 1.3.24) does have a few known bugs, notably with cookie handling and buffer sizes in mod_proxy. If cookie-handling with proxypass directives is important to you, you should stick with 1.3.23 for the time being :-)

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