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Macromedia Announces Preview Release Of Coldfusion

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Macromedia announced today that it would release a �preview release� of its next generation application server ColdFusion MX, formerly code named Neo. The preview release is intended to give the public a look at the product, and is not the same version beta testers are using. ColdFusion MX is expected to ship in June 2002.

ColdFusion MX was written in Java and runs on top of a J2EE server. Macromedia announced that the server would run on top of IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Sun ONE Application Server and Macromedia�s own J2EE server JRun.

ColdFusion MX is nearly 100% backwards compatible with ColdFusion 5 code, and also introduces several new features including tools for creating and invoking Web Services, a security overhaul, support for JSP custom tags within CFML pages, JSP, Servlets, XML Parser, Xpath, XSL, and perhaps the most intriguing new feature ColdFusion Components, or CFC�s. CFC�s allow a developer to easily encapsulate logic with a quasi object oriented approach. ColdFusion components can be deployed as Web Services with very little effort.

ColdFusion MX Press Release

Download Preview Release

Pete Freitag owns a small company called Foundeo where he designs, and manages the production of products for web developers, services, and consulting projects.

Pete is also the lead author of the ColdFusion MX Developers Cookbook.

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