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Blastradius Vancouver Parties At New Digs

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Last Saturday I got invited to Blastradius Vancouver's party to show off their new space, located on the outer edge of Gastown. It was BYOB, but the food was plentiful and free and DJs, some moonlighting employees, took turns making noise.

Blastradius now resides in a big space on the second floor of an old brownstone. Pluses - Big space. Minuses - Hot. Summer had finally arrived here and old buildings don't have very good air conditioning.

As a result most everyone hung out at the fridge or the entrance. Which meant more room for me to fondle all the G3s. If Blastradius has a decor going, it's iMac. Everyone has at least a G3, with some getting Windows boxes (with Imac monitors. Irony!).

Actually it's funny how alike media/tech company spaces all look alike. Computer monitor with trinkets all over it, various posters, clippings, and rave flyers on the walls, pop cans everywhere, etc. And many of the "Think Different" posters that come free with a Mac product.

Nearing the end of the evening I wound up at a corner desk with friends. It was cooler and I could no longer resist the urge to surf. My Blastradius friend, Lilli, later told me I was making the desks owner nervous, so I called it a night. The desk owner, if I understand correctly, was Media Boy. Small world.

All told, the space isn't quite finished. Areas are clearly intended to be meeting rooms, etc. but aren't finished or furnished completely. In spite of this it's pretty obvious that the company is growing and succeeding.

If you weren't invited, you can now pretend you were.

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