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Rebol The Official Guide

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REBOL Press, partnering with Osborne/McGraw-Hill, announces the publication of REBOL: The Official Guide, the first and only official book about the REBOL Internet Communications Language.

REBOL (pronounced REB-ul) is a machine-independent language with portability between 37 computer platforms. Scripts written on one operating system can run without changes on any other. REBOL Internet Communications Language is available free of charge at The web site also includes free scripts and access to usergroups. The language is designed by computer guru Carl Sassenrath.

REBOL: The Official Guide (752 pages plus CD) by Elan Goldman and John Blanton offers step-by-step instructions for using REBOL to develop e-commerce applications. All scripts from the book are included in the CD as well as 200 additional scripts and


REBOL: The Official Guide (ISBN 0-07-212279-X) with CD is $39.99, available from bookstores and from REBOL Press Online (

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