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White Paper On Jpeg 2000 Available

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The Digital Imaging Group has made the white paper for JPEG 2000 available, finally.

Apparently the ISO JPEG Committee and the Digital Imaging Group want to ensure that the standard is both robust, and unlike PNG, actually gets widely adopted. To help this, in their white paper they try to impress upon the reader the archaic nature of the current standard while preaching potential benefits of the new standard.

You can download the report at the Digital Imaging Group by clicking on Downloads and scrolling down, or get the document directly (in Word format), but then you miss out on seeing a link to the Internet Imaging Protocol 1.05 Specification.

Participating companies are: Alinari Photo Archives, Agfa, Canon, Corbis, Digital Intelligence, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, LuraTech, NETIMAGE, and TrueSpectra.

Hmmm... I want to make a J2K joke...

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