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Community News May 2002

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Adrian Roselli

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 85

Another month gone, another stack of accomplishments by the community.

As a reminder, this is open to anyone in the community, so if you missed a chance

to toot your horn, add a comment,

and watch for the announcement for next month's news.


All over the web, people are looking to see what evolters have to say, and

sometimes they point their users back to the source. Here are some of the pointers,

all noticed this month:

Thanks to the many people who have taken the time to cite in their

own work

We're getting organized

Behind the scenes, members have developed five groups, plus two

other bodies, to help organize and run The five groups and their

purposes are:

  • Content

    Responsible, for editing and approving articles which appear on,

    responding to emails that come through the site and day-to-day management

    of the evolt mailing lists.
  • Development

    Responsible for the design and implementation of various projects.
  • Finance

    Responsible for handling the money side of Fundraising efforts

    are jointly made with...
  • Marketing

    Responsible for building and maintaining the brand, and for managing

    all external relationships.
  • Sysadmin

    Responsible for administering the servers.

The Steering Committee, being organized now, will be made

up of two members from each of the 5 groups. Its purpose is to help set goals

for the groups, monitor progress, and solve disputes—should they arise—amongst

the groups.

TheForum is a catch-all list for general communication between

the different committees, and for discussing non-committee-specific

issues. Anyone can join

, and we encourage your participation. If you have ideas for,

or can contribute even a little bit of time and energy into helping us thrive,

we'd love to have you!

Help support

We're now again able to accept monetary gifts through:

Our address for monetary gifts or giving inquiries is

We will soon have a snail mail address (for checks, money orders, etc.).

We're looking for other on-line, commercial (in other words, not personal

bank account), low-cost money transferring capabilities so that non-US residents

may more easily help support Please

write us
if you know of any good commercial services in your country.

Here's more information on how

to help support Thanks for your interest!


Frisbeervolt in Toronto

Thanks to a ColdFusion conference in Toronto, .jeff

and nagrom worked

their way up north to meet up with r937,

Mishka, mwarden,

sprocket, and aardvark.

We started off, of course, with food followed up with sneaking into the CF North

conference, and then a little more food. With rudy (r937) taking us on a wonderful

frisbee golf outing to cap the night (he won, of course), it turned out to be

a blast. Ideally, next time theglass floor won't fall out of the CN Tower and

suck us all to our death. Um, yeah, anyway, there are photos

of the weekend posted

Beervolt London

The London evoltistas got together again - Mike, John, Megan, Martin and special

non-evolt guest, Emily. We started

out aboard a ship converted to a bar, then moved on to somewhere where we could

get a drink in without queuing for 45 minutes.

Mike had the world's smallest and cheapest digital camera and took some


Our members

Dan Cody (djc)

The spark that started and led contributors to the community for

much of its life so far has decided to discontinue his involvement in order

to devote more time to his interests in Linux advocacy, public speaking, and other web

projects. members wish Dan

well in his future endeavours and thank him for his awesome contribution

to the community.

Dan's initiation of the wonderful

service remains as one of his greatest contributions. Take some time to browse

one of the 150+ tutorials or news

Dan had published in his time with

Paul Cowan

Paul made a respectable showing in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, although

he's framed it a bit more frankly on

his personal site

Adrian Roselli (aardvark)

An interesting month all-around. The Algonquin Studios team, led by Adrian,

went on to an overwhelming victory

at the first ever Unreal Tournament Shoot-out
. Soon to be a biannual event,

competition for the next one will be tough, and his team is already marked for

destruction by the others.

Adrian also co-wrote an article for Multilingual Computing & Technology

magazine, titled A

Merger of Content Management and Localization Workflow
, detailing the merger

with a localization firm and integrating a localization workflow into their


content management system.

Cayley Vos

Cayley is proud

to announce a redesign of

to improve navigation, improve brand recognition, and increase search engine

traffic. The government is a significant client, so the design had to follow

accepted standard usability features. You can compare the redesign with the




The Monthly Recap is a summary of awards, meetings, and fresh opportunities

relevant to all of us. Submitted items from month to month may be of varying

relevance to others depending on the number of opportunities. The important

thing, though, is that you can share more about yourself, and learn more about

the people that make up the Monthly Recap
introductory article.

If you're proud of it, send it in. Don't

be shy.

Please send all submissions via the contact form.

Any queries or clarifications can be sent via the same method.

A founder of, Adrian Roselli (aardvark) is the Senior Usability Engineer at Algonquin Studios, located in Buffalo, New York.

Adrian has years of experience in graphic design, web design and multimedia design, as well as extensive experience in internet commerce and interface design and usability. He has been developing for the World Wide Web since its inception, and working the design field since 1993. Adrian is a founding member, board member, and writer to In addition, Adrian sits on the Digital Media Advisory Committee for a local SUNY college and a local private college, as well as the board for a local charter school.

You can see his brand-spanking-new blog at as well as his new web site to promote his writing and speaking at

Adrian authored the usability case study for in Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself, published by glasshaus. He has written three chapters for the book Professional Web Graphics for Non Designers, also published by glasshaus. Adrian also managed to get a couple chapters written (and published) for The Web Professional's Handbook before glasshaus went under. They were really quite good. You should have bought more of the books.

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