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June July 2002 Monthly Recap

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Adrian Roselli

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 85

We didn't hear much from our membership for June, so we decided to hold onto the June community news report and pair it up with July. We apologize to those whose information was held a month longer.

Now, we know the summer months in the northern hemisphere are slow, but there's a whole other hemisphere's-worth of members who have thriving businesses, so don't be shy about toot-tooting your own horn-horn. Surf on over to our contact form and let us all know what a swanky developer you are.


All over the web, people are looking to see what evolters have to say, and

sometimes they point their users back to the source. Here are some of the pointers,

all noticed this month:

Thanks to the many people who have taken the time to cite in their

own work

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Guess there were no Beervolts...

Our members

Garrett Coakley

On the 1st July Garrett started his new job at Gencon. His main duties are web programming, system administration, and helping the company become more involved in the Open Source Community.

Now that he's down south again he should be able to make it to a few more London beervolts. Which is nice.

Jeff Howden

Jeff has recently completed technical editing of a newly released ColdFusion MX book, Inside ColdFusion MX,

written by John Cummings, Neil Ross, & Robi Sen and published by New Rider's

Publishing company.

In addition to technical editing, he was also asked to submit some tips for

publishing in one of the chapters. He even managed to get a tip from Rudy

published as well, athough Rudy made him obfuscate his email address.

As if that wasn't enough, he was also selected by Brainbench to clean

an upcoming test for JavaScript 1.5 certification. He was offered the

opportunity because out of nearly 200 beta testers, he had the highest

score. And he's sexy, just like the rest of our members.


The Monthly Recap is a summary of awards, meetings, and fresh opportunities

relevant to all of us. Submitted items from month to month may be of varying

relevance to others depending on the number of opportunities. The important

thing, though, is that you can share more about yourself, and learn more about

the people that make up the Monthly Recap
introductory article.

If you're proud of it, send it in. Don't

be shy.

Please send all submissions via the contact form.

Any queries or clarifications can be sent via the same method.

A founder of, Adrian Roselli (aardvark) is the Senior Usability Engineer at Algonquin Studios, located in Buffalo, New York.

Adrian has years of experience in graphic design, web design and multimedia design, as well as extensive experience in internet commerce and interface design and usability. He has been developing for the World Wide Web since its inception, and working the design field since 1993. Adrian is a founding member, board member, and writer to In addition, Adrian sits on the Digital Media Advisory Committee for a local SUNY college and a local private college, as well as the board for a local charter school.

You can see his brand-spanking-new blog at as well as his new web site to promote his writing and speaking at

Adrian authored the usability case study for in Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself, published by glasshaus. He has written three chapters for the book Professional Web Graphics for Non Designers, also published by glasshaus. Adrian also managed to get a couple chapters written (and published) for The Web Professional's Handbook before glasshaus went under. They were really quite good. You should have bought more of the books.

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