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Us Senate Clamps Down On Cybersquatting

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American opportunists have been given one less reason to register certain domain names in hopes of selling them for big bucks.

The United States Senate passed a bill late Thursday that would impose a $100,000 fine for anyone registering a domain name, associated with an owned trademark, with the bad-faith intent of selling it for a profit.

The bill is actually a refined version of an ealier bill that would have restricted the use of trademarks in domain names for other purposes, such as spoof or protest sites like

As per usual, however, the bill can only be used in the US, leaving the profiteering market open to the rest of the world.

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A founder of, Dave McLean (damclean) is Principal and Creative Director of dw creative, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dave has more than 10 years of experience in visual and written communications. Developing two-bit sites for the Web since just after its inception, Dave is currently working full-time in the marketing department of a public community college.

As a founding member of Dave once held the position of Minister of Propaganda. He now sits one the sidelines heckling the current administration. You hippies!

Dave readily admits he stole his Bio template from the infamous aardvark, but has since converted it to his own purposes.

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