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Daniel Cody

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 146

2:00pm CST: Things seem to be working normally again, so feel free to post to thelist. Thanks for all the suportive emails as well! - djc

9:00am CST: Coffee. Stil working. I don't know if anyone is actually reading these, but I think its better to keep everyone informed of where we are, rather than to lose power for a week and not say anything. or something. :) - djc

3:00am CST: double yawn. I've tried it all. If you have experience in sendmail 8.9.3, feel free to drop me an email, i'm open to suggestions. If I can't get it on this box tomorrow, we'll put it on another one.nighto - djc

9:45pm CST: Double Ugh. Made some progress, but nothing serious. I've been at this for over 12 hours now and need a break. And a couple drinks. I'm terribly sorry that this has happened, but we *WILL* get it back up. - djc

6:30pm CST: Ugh. This is taking way longer than we thought. We've tracked down the problem to a sendmail upgrade and a new 'security' feature called smrsh that it uses. Needless to say, it hosed up the mailing list software. We've got three sys-admins on it now, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Theres a small hiccup with the mail server right now, so email isn't getting to thelist. Should be resolved fairly soon. Sorry about the inconvienence! 10:45am CST, things are back up and running. Sorry again about the problems.!

Dan lives a quiet life in the bustling city of Milwaukee, WI. Although he founded what would become in 1998, he's since moved on to other projects and is now the owner of Progressive Networks, a Zimbra hosting company based in Milwaukee.

His personal site can be found at

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