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Netcraft Survey With Uptime Stats

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The latest NetCraft survey has been released with the only immediately obvious changes being a 0.61% burst by Microsoft's IIS. Apache dropped 0.35%, but easily maintains its lead with a 59.67% marketshare to second place Microsoft's 20.17%.

A recent addition to the popular NetCraft tool "What's that site running?" is an uptime graph.

Check out the details and bump us up the Most Requested Sites list...   ;)

When they do get some uptime data for, post a comment so we can all go have a look and give Dan a pat on the back for his endless tweaking attempts.


Isaac is a designer from Adelaide, South Australia, where he has run Triplezero for almost a decade.

He was a member and administrator of since its founding in 1998, designed the current site, and was a regular contributor on's direction-setting discussion list, theforum.

On the side, he runs Opinion, Hoops SA, Confessions, Daily Male, and Comments, as well as maintaining a travel gallery at

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