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Cmg Announces Colors For 2001

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According to the Color Marketing Group, blue will be the most important color for the new century, also a choice of neutral colors in cool and warm grey, earthy brown colors, brownish grey and light brown.

Also a trend for soft and bright colors, lead by greenish aqua and deep lavender, as an answer to consumers who wish for 'happy clearness' in their environment.

But consumer goods of the next century also need energetic colors, to balance the blue and neutral tones. Stimulating orange tones, red tones and golden-brown tones from Marocco and Australia close the gap.

The members identified four color groups as being important in the next century:

  • Techno-Colors: From grey through black and true white, from a technical background.

  • Chromatic Adrenaline Colors: Energy filled shadowings, to brighten up color combinations and give products "speed".

  • Serenity Colors: Colors satisfying customers who wish for harmony in life; bright, soft and relaxing. Natural and mostly inspired by water.
  • Mediterranean Culture Colors: Earth tones.

More information about CMG's Consumer Color Directions? Forecast for 2001 can be found at the Color Marketing Group website.

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