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Personalize Things The Way It Should Be

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Theodore Serbinski

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User since: 15 Jul 1999

Articles written: 6 has come along way and has some excellent stuff, allowing users to login and post articles under the names. Or join an excellent discussion list.

Great stuff.

But tedious.

Why? Everytime we come back to the site we have to login. If we go on vacation and can't check email, sometimes will unsubscribe from the list and resubscribe when we get back.

All of this is time consuming, especially in this hectic world.

So, a way to somehow "Personalize" or manage our accounts would be great. Sometime to check a box to allow us to login in time we visit this site, albeit, we understand the "privacy issue" thing. And something to allow us to quickly and easily subscribe/unsubscribe from the list when we need to. And maybe a feature for us to modify our screen name that appears when we right these articles.

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