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Community News August 2002

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Dean Mah

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Another month gone, another stack of accomplishments by the community. As a reminder, this is open to anyone in the

community, so if you missed a chance to href="">toot your horn, add a

comment, and watch for the announcement for next month's news.

At the beginning of August we successfully moved all (5) of's servers from their old home at href="" title="link to Starkmedia"

target="_new">Starkmedia to Ron Dorman's facility's href="" title="link to CSI 1st"

target="_new">CSI. Thanks to everyone that helped in the move and

the subsequent setup and testing. Special thanks go to href="" title="djc" target="_new">Dan Cody

who has setup, hosted, and maintained the servers for so long and who

prepared them for the move; to title="Matt Warden" target="_new">Matt Warden who drove the 900

miles between Milwaukee and Altavista but also the 800 miles from his

home to Milwaukee in order to transport the servers; and to Ron Dorman

for the current hosting and maintenance of the servers and the large

amount of setup that he and Dan went through to get them all in

working order. Finally thanks to all of the members that dontated

money in order to fund the move. It is very much appreciated.

The second edition of href=""

target="_new">Information Architecture for the World Wide Web is

out and features, among other sites, our own community. Our

own Javier Velasco was

listed in the href="">acknowledgements.

Congratulations to all that were involved in the project.

Finally, the first of the browser archive has its first mirror site donated by the boys.

Help support

We're now again able to accept monetary gifts through:

Our address for monetary gifts or giving inquiries is href=""> We will

soon have a snail mail address (for checks, money orders, etc.).

We're looking for other on-line, commercial (in other words,

not personal bank account), low-cost money

transferring capabilities so that non-US residents may more easily

help support Please write

if you know of any good commercial services in your


Here's more information on href="/help_support_evolt/index.html">how to help support Thanks for your interest!



height="113" alt="Seems like the camera has got some beer in the lens... or it's drunk as well? Thumbnail - click for a larger image" border="1" align="right"Quite a busy month for the UK folks - they also had a

beervolt on 1st August, and took href="" target="_blank" title="Opens

in a new window">photos. As well as the usual suspects, there were

special appearances from Andy Warwick, Norman Beresford (no, he's not a

bot...) and Seb Potter.

Our members

David Bindel

David Bindel finished his Computer Science 2308 course at Southwest

Texas State University (SWT) with a 4.0 GPA! What's extra-cool about

this? He's a high school sophomore. Check out the website he is

building for his high school (San Marcos High School) at href=""

target="_new"> Hand-coded and fully

XHTML- and CSS-compliant with a PHP/MySQL backend. Look at those


Simon Coggins

I was lucky enough to do quite well in this year's 5k awards (href=""

target="_new"> My entry "A Scale Model of

the Solar System" (href=""


won joint 2nd place for Concept and Originality, was one of the

Editor's picks in the most educational (href=""

target="_new"> and was rated

in the top 20 in the public vote (href=""


Madhu Menon

Madhu was interviewed at one of India's largest portals.


The Monthly Recap is a summary of awards, meetings, and

fresh opportunities relevant to all of us. Submitted items from month

to month may be of varying relevance to others depending on the number

of opportunities. The important thing, though, is that you can share

more about yourself, and learn more about the people that make up href="/article/roundup/27/18210/index.html" title="The

Monthly Recap">the Monthly Recap introductory


If you're proud of it, send it

in. Don't be shy.

Please send all submissions via the href="/contact/index.html">contact form. Any queries or

clarifications can be sent via the same method.

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Dean Mah

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