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System Developer Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Bryan Buchs

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National Financial Corporation (NFC): Milwaukee, Wisconsin

System Developer

NFC is a Financial Software Development Company that provides transaction processing software, data hosting, and custom development for our nationwide client base. NFC has a dynamic, fast-paced work environment that challenges the NFC development team and executives on a daily basis allowing for rapid growth and continued software achievements. With over 9 years in the software development industry, NFC has established itself as a leader in innovative, customized financial software solutions.

NFC is looking for a dynamic, confident, and self-motivated individual to take on the position of System Developer. Strong communication, organizational, and analytical skills are essential for this position. The candidate will have the ability to meet deadlines while operating in a complex and fast paced environment.

Candidate description:

The ideal candidate is a software developer with full life-cycle experience and has implemented production level software development deliverables. The job candidate will be required to assist in analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. Must have experience in troubleshooting development and deployment issues in the database environment (primarily MS SQL).

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the design, implementation, and enhancement of existing product application architectures and contribute to the development of future product technical direction.
  • Develop, execute, and monitor project plans for product designs and programming tasks.
  • Develop mechanisms to track, monitor and troubleshoot software performance.
  • Implement software development and configuration methodology.
  • Ability to effectively estimate the effort required to deliver projected deliverables, and to correctly set customer and partner expectations.
  • Work efficiently and diligently on the task at hand, putting in whatever time and effort is needed to do an excellent job.
  • Self-starter, makes decisions independently, and escalates appropriately.
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Minimal travel may be required.

Requirements include:

  • 2-5 years experience in Software Development with at least 1+ years in a team role developing client server software application.
  • Technical knowledge in Microsoft technologies, including Windows 2000, SQL Server, .Net, IIS, ASP, VBScript, Fox Pro.
  • Additional experience would be a plus in ADO.NET, OO design, UML, stored procedures, Crystal Reports, and Citrix Metaframe.
  • Expertise in software development methodology and process.
  • BS in Computer Science or Information Systems preferred.
  • Excellent organizational, multi-tasking, and communication skills.
  • Basic Time Log writing skills is highly desirable.

NFC offers a competitive compensation package and our benefits plan includes:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Eye Care
  • Paid Vacations and Holidays

For consideration, please send us your resume via US mail, email, or fax to:

(No phone calls please)

National Financial Corporation

Attn: J.Santos

700 West Virginia Street :: Suite 700

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Fax: 414.289.7694

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Relocation assistance in not available.

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When he's not slaving away over his PowerBook, he enjoys cooking for his girlfriend; shouting at the hooligans in his building to please, for the love of god, would you shut the hell up for one night, just one night; and laying a severe beating upon djc, chump, and whoever else wants a piece of him at the greatest game ever created: Risk. He also likes really, really, really long run-on sentences.

He is to be both feared and respected.

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