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Zope 2 0 Released

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Dody Gunawinata

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This is what has been putting me in a good mood for the last week or so. Zope version 2 has been released. Lots of cool, neat stuff added. And it's still free forever.

New features included (among others) - ZODB 3, the next generation of the Zope Object Database - Z Classes, a new mechanism for building Zope applications - WebDAV and XML-RPC support - XML support

Be amazed at

To really appreciate the power of Zope, go to this link,

Register and you will see the way of Zope publishing. It's actually a community website in where you can add your own DTML (Zope script), case studies and webpages, and see how others do it too. And you might be suprise of how simple it is to actually implement the system that have for its community.

Try it out, and you'll be glad you did.

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