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Opera 5 Released Better Than Netscape 6

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Opera Software has released a new version of its popular browser, with new features, and it looks very promising, maybe even more than Netscape could deliver.

To do away with their old disadvantage of charging for their software, while Internet Explorer and Netscape offer their browsers for free, the Norwegian company now offers an ad-sponsored version for free in addition to the regular, US$39.00 (standard price) version. The ad version downloads ads once a week only.

The previous versions were known for their speed, small size, accessibility, and support for standards.

The new version pushes for some more:

  • Instant messaging included (ICQ compatible, you can use your old account with Opera).
  • Included search options, with option to save searches as bookmarks
  • OperaShow feature turns the browser into a presentation tool
  • WAP-surfing possible with experimental support for WML
  • Integrated Java, so that you only need to install one package
  • Multilanguage interface: By installing a new language file, Opera 5 will interact with you in a new language.
  • Built-in e-mail client with vital features:
    • Import: From Eudora and Outlook Express.
    • Multiple accounts: For yourself and other users.
    • Folders: Organize your e-mail.
    • Filters: E.g. put private incoming e-mail in the "Private" folder.
    • Queueing: Prepare e-mails offline, then go online and send them.
    • Search engine: Find particular e-mails.
    • Protocols: POP and SMTP.

Opera also offers many options for sys admins, webdesigners, and programmers at their site.

See more at Specifications of Opera 5

I am off to browse around with it some more!

Till later, maybe I will add some more comments if others don't beat me to it.

Best Regards to all Evolters,

Wolfgang .wolf Bromberger has been around online since 1996. He started to get into web design after he and some other students developed a concept for the online presence of their home town, Salzburg in Austria, a site Bill Gates used years later as a good example of e-government (as still not nearly all points of the concept have been made reality, .wolf disagrees).
Being interested in search engines and information systems, .wolf specialized in search engine optimization, online promotion and analysis.
.wolf was one of the founding fathers of
He is working for and can also be reached there.
He is always interested in learning new programming or other web related skills, when time permits.

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