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Review Of The Nn Group World Tour

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peter van dijck

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The gods of usability, the Nielsen Norman Group, are currently on a world tour. Is it worth attending? Well, it's expensive, so that'll depend on who's paying...


  • If you have to pay yourself it's probably not worth the expense. You may be better off finding alternative sources of information on the Web.
  • If your company is paying, then go for it.
  • If you have to choose between a course or the main event go to a course.
  • Jakob Nielsen has got some impressive body language going...

Main day

Very entertaining; Jakob Nielsen was surprisingly interesting. Tog was less interesting for me, Brenda�s bit was alright (think Captain Janeway) and Donald Norman�s presentation was disappointing since he wasn�t there and we got to see a video.

Review of the courses

  • Advanced Usability Testing Methodology

    Everyone thought it wasn�t detailed enough, but it definitely made me a better usability professional. Worth it. I concluded that all Web sites of any complexity have thousands of little usability problems. Focus on the main ones. Lots of good tips to do testing. Also, train your designers / programmers in usability! That will improve the product a lot more than testing.

  • Introduction to Web Usability Testing

    Only for beginners.

  • E-Commerce Usability

    Better to go to the advanced usability course.

  • E-Marketing for Non-Marketers

    Very good if you�re into this stuff.

  • The Art & Science of Web Design

    Good overview, touching on IA issues and lots of related stuff. If you�re into this stuff you already know all this. Also sections on stylesheets and different browsers and such which may be less relevant to you. Very good for a general overview of the state of the art things to know if you�re in webdesign.

  • Content Design & Usability-Writing for the Web

    Didn't catch this one. If anyone else did, please add a comment to this article.

  • Designing Usable Web Forms

    Didn't catch this one either.


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