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Birthday Wishes From A Wanna Be Evolt Minion

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Meredith Tupper

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User since: 24 Dec 1999

Articles written: 1

I don't mean to wax hyperbolic, but I think evolt represents the best of the web.

People help each other - for free - with quality information,

instruction, and opinion. Thanks to the < tip > practice, thelist

signal-to-noise ratio is superb, and flames are practically

non-existent. When the etoy/eToys domain name controversy broke last

year, evoltians banded together to make some noise and cause some

change. Dedicated folks make sure the various lists and servers stay

up and running. The new evolt 2.0 exemplifies the commitment,

initiative, wisdom, and creative talent of this happy little web

development community.

Sometimes I feel as if I tag along after thelist like a

kid sister, picking up perl tips or wap basics, asking for an

occasional browser check, and in the old net tradition,

I try to help those who tag along after me. It's not often I can

authoritatively answer a question on thelist; I have not yet gathered

the courage to write an article, so I am keenly aware of the debt I owe

to evolt. I appreciate this community so much and don't say it enough,

so my hat's off to you, dear Dan, Martin, Rudy, Scott, Isaac, Jeff,

Wolf, aardvark, Adrian, Anthony, Julia, Gina, Marlene, Matthew, and

everyone else who ever helped a rookie evolter. After a year of

membership, evolt remains the only list I would pay to join.

Of course, it's free, and that's the beauty of evolt...the best of the web.

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