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Philip Greenspun Class In Nyc

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Philip Greenspun is teaching a course in Web Application design on Oct 2nd and 3rd at NYU in Greenwich. The course is free! I went to his class at MIT and found it to be very good. He's also looking for developers for ArsDigita, his Web design firm.

Details are included in the following e-mail.

(Posted with Phil's Permission)



Subject: please talk to your Web-nerd friends in New York City!
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 01:16:31 GMT

Remember my one-day course on Web application design? ( I'm doing it again. Please send email to your friends in New York City suggesting that they come on October 2 or 3. The course is free and will be held at NYU in Greenwich Village. They can register at

For your friends in the Boston area, I'm also doing the course again on October 23 at MIT. Again, reserve a spot at

For yourself, consider coming to our ArsDigita Community System tutorial and users group meeting, October 24 at MIT:

You'll meet lots of other folks who are building Web services starting with our free open-source toolkit. Some of them are doing great things for the world, others are banking their $millions in venture capital. You will have a chance to influence the direction of the toolkit (hinted at in ) and find out about interesting new features, e.g., we added file attachment/photo upload capability to all of the comment systems.

If you're an experienced software engineer, you might want to attend our three-week boot camp: Currently scheduled dates: October 4-24 and November 29-December 17.

Not convenient? Get your local university to adopt our one-semester course from MIT. Five schools (including Caltech and MIT) are teaching it. All of the materials are available for free from

Speaking of good software engineers, if you know any who'd like to make a significant contribution to software for Web-based collaboration and education, have them look at (sorry to sound desperate but we're at $10 million in revenue, doubling every six months, and our current staff of 40 developers won't stretch to accomodate all of the work).


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