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Naacp Site Hacked

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Emily Christensen

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A group calling itself the United Loan Gunmen has apparently hacked the Web site for the NAACP, a civil rights organization.

This marks the first non-profit site hacked by the ULG that I know of. Previous hacks include C-SPAN, ABC, the Drudge Report and NASDAQ.

The mission of the ULG is murky at best. In the conclusion of their mini-manifesto which can now (1 a.m. CST) be seen at If you miss the big show, check out the mirror at Attrition.

This is obviously of interest to anyone who works on the Net. My first question is: huh? What do these people think they're accomplishing by slapping a poorly-written sort-of rant on a major site?

Are these people nuts or, like they claim, "knights"? Do they have a point? A social life? How secure are Web sites, anyway? Do you worry about your site's security?

Just a few questions to get the discussion going.

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