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Privacyx Calls For Open Source Help

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Embattled Canadian software startup, PrivacyX, is

asking for support from open source volunteers to secure its applications which hope to

offer secure and private email, web surfing and chatting.

In late August, cryptographer Ian Goldberg posted a page - href="">About to lose your PrivacyX

- which showed the allegedly secure browser as being, well, not all that secure.

PrivacyX's attempted cheap fix (as outlined in the September 2 update to Goldberg's

page), was discovered by Goldberg, and it seems PrivacyX have decided that an open

source path might work for the software.

Douglas Whorrall, President of PrivacyX.Com Solutions, Inc, notes that "It invariably

happens when software is released for public consumption that some problem with the code

arises or an insecurity is found."

He believes that the "best way to build a product that has the best interest of users at

heart and the highest quality of security and performance" is to get potential users

involved with development. Any developers interested in the product, or privacy issues

may wish to visit PrivacyX's Open Source

Anonymous Browsing Project

For more information, read PrivacyX's href="">press release or href="">Wired's view

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