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Don T Make Me Think Book Review

Rated 3.04 (Ratings: 8)

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peter van dijck

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(get the book at,,


Should you buy this?

  • If you're low on money and not a usability freak, just read the

    online chapter
    . The rest isn't as good.
  • If you're ok on money, get it!
  • If you need to convince co-workers about usability (it's really good for

    visual people), definitely get it.
  • If you're doubting between Jakob's book and this, get this and print out

    Jakob's alertboxes. (his book is really just rehashing his alertboxes)

Now that we have the basics settled, what is so good about this book?

  • It really helps you take a fresh look, away from all the holy wars,

    on how people really use the web.
  • It is funny and entertaining, which for a book on usability is a

    Great Achievement.
  • Our visual guy (from a print background) really liked it.
  • I liked the first chapters better than the later ones, but they are all

    worth reading.
Peter Van Dijck is an Information Architect with an interest in localization, accessibility, content management systems and metadata.
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