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New Bugs Found In Internet Explorer 5

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According to this article in Infoworld, Security Expert Georgi Guninski has discovered a bug which can compromise the security of a machine, even if it is behind a firewall through the use of malicious JavaScript code in a web page.

Microsoft's recommendation is that Active Scripting be disabled on 5.0 versions of Internet Explorer to eliminate the possibility of this expliot until a patch can be developed.

Additionally, BugNet reports that a rendering bug in IE5 can result in corrupted tags which, while not ruining them for general web use, will render them unusable by XML parsers.

See for more information.

Bob is a Product Manager for Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, TX. He hasn't built a web site in years, now. All of his articles on this site are old old old! Hopefully they are still useful for someone!

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