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Ms Explains Webhousing

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Daniel Cody

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Popular Web sites are buried every day with server logs that can range into the gigabyte range. Microsoft thinks they've got the answer for those sites with a new technology called 'Webhousing'. The product, which is yet unannounced, will sort through massive chunks of data, and if its filtering utilities and sorting algorithms work well, will spit out something that e-commerce companies can use to make their sites work better and keep users on their sites longer.

PC Week has a full story on their site which also mentions that the SAS Institute will also be throwing their hat into the ring by offering a similar product. The only difference is they're rolling it out next month while MS's product is still vaporware.

Dan lives a quiet life in the bustling city of Milwaukee, WI. Although he founded what would become in 1998, he's since moved on to other projects and is now the owner of Progressive Networks, a Zimbra hosting company based in Milwaukee.

His personal site can be found at

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