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Css D Finds New Home At Evolt Org

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Adrian Roselli

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 85

The incredibly popular, active, and valuable mailing list devoted to Cascading Style Sheets, CSS-Discuss (css-d), has moved its hosting to After some brief list overlap, and a lot of server tweaking, the list opened its doors to its new home Monday, December 9.

Started and moderated by Eric Meyer, author of four books on CSS, css-d quickly grew to 2,500+ members and more than 50 messages a day. This load began to tax the hosting resources Eric had in place in the beginning, and so he began a search in early November to look for a new home.

The UK branch, was kind enough to offer server space and bandwidth, thanks to the efforts of Lachlan Cannon and John Handelaar. In particular, John had to wrestle with a particularly ornery Cobalt Raq configuration in the time-honored tradition of trying random stuff until it worked.

Advantages of the move include more control over mailing list features for the administrator, the ability to have a css-discuss domain as the list address, and, ideally, resolution of problems with members getting multiples of multiple messages. Bringing the old list archive over is just a matter of time.

The css-d mailing list is devoted to the discussion of CSS and its real-world applications. Theory is sometimes discussed, but for the most part, it's a list for practical and daily use of CSS in projects. Find out more about css-d and sign up for the mailing list at its new home,

A founder of, Adrian Roselli (aardvark) is the Senior Usability Engineer at Algonquin Studios, located in Buffalo, New York.

Adrian has years of experience in graphic design, web design and multimedia design, as well as extensive experience in internet commerce and interface design and usability. He has been developing for the World Wide Web since its inception, and working the design field since 1993. Adrian is a founding member, board member, and writer to In addition, Adrian sits on the Digital Media Advisory Committee for a local SUNY college and a local private college, as well as the board for a local charter school.

You can see his brand-spanking-new blog at as well as his new web site to promote his writing and speaking at

Adrian authored the usability case study for in Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself, published by glasshaus. He has written three chapters for the book Professional Web Graphics for Non Designers, also published by glasshaus. Adrian also managed to get a couple chapters written (and published) for The Web Professional's Handbook before glasshaus went under. They were really quite good. You should have bought more of the books.

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