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Eric Engelmann

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Just some thoughts:

I've seen lots of people link to other sites on thelist with code libraries of sorts, with sections on clientside JS, ASP, CF, PHP, SQL, VB, whatever. It'd be cool if Evolt had an area to submit code samples to that was a little more orderly than our current (somewhat) random assortment of information... sorted by categories and by type, perhaps? I've got a coupla code chunks I'd happily contribute, but as it is, they'd just get lost in the shuffle. It'd be nice if all ASP code was in one section, all CF in another, etc.

On a similar note, what if we wanted to have mini collaborative development projects, e.g. someone builds a basic code set in ASP for generic form validation, for example. Someone else adds some functionality, and someone else improves it still further. Is there a way to control versioning and the 'final' code? Perhaps Evolt could develop its own code library this way, kind of mini Mozilla-like, with organized project management and online status?

Just dreaming... ;-)

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