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Survey Exposes Online Shopping Habits

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A joint survey by and the NPD Group, questioning 10,000

online shoppers, has discovered that 75% had abandoned a loaded

shopping cart prior to payment. Most of us have done it - whether

we're simply curious about shipping charges, interested in checking

out the technology behind an ordering process, or just unimpressed

with the final price of goods. What is important for owners of

ecommerce sites, and their developers, is that millions of dollars

in potential revenue are being lost - perhaps simply because shop

owners lack awareness of what happens in the post-product-choice


The survey observes that 24% of consumers were unhappy with

expensive postage and handling charges, and 17% mentioned that they

later bought the same goods offline and free of shipping costs.

26% shopped around, and bought goods from a competitor.

To be noted, however, is that more than half of the respondents

later returned to the store at which they originally abandoned the

cart, and the majority of those made eventual purchases. This is

possibly indicative of customers including shipping costs in their

price comparisons, or generally being more wary of online shopping.

Regardless, online merchants could take a hit and reduce shipping

costs, but in turn, gain a customer.


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