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Free E Commerce Seminar For Web Developers

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Marti Miernik

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ISite Shows How to Avoid E-commerce Headaches

E-Commerce Education Initiative Focuses on Clearing Shopping Cart Jargon and Expanding Web Caching Experience

San Jose, CA -November 1, 1999 - E-Commerce solutions provider ISite Services, Inc. announces a free seminar to be held on Thursday November 30, 1999 from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM in San Jose, California. During the two part seminar entitled "Innovation is the Key to Winning", is targeted at web developers who are the prime distributors of e-commerce solutions to expanding businesses.

According to Forrester research forecasts, the market for sell-side commerce software will rise about $300 million this year and soar to $1.4 billion by 2002. "With so many software options in the market it is hard to find solutions that enable smooth business expansion on the web," says Marti Miernik, Director of Partner Development. "ISite will teach web developers how harness the best of today's technology and gain a competitive edge in the arena of e-commerce." The e-commerce colloquium will focus on successfully marketing and designing online stores to businesses. ISite's experts will share their extensive marketing and technological expertise and teach web developers how to successfully advance businesses onto Internet. Using real-world case studies and live demonstrations, ISite will provide benchmarks for shopping cart design and marketing strategies that guarantee client satisfaction in business's web expansion."

The technical colloquium will cover the positive and negative effects of web cashing. "Consumers won't care for the look of the store if it's operation is sluggish, and pages are not fresh," says to Bobby Wilks, Interactive Systems Developer "ISite's experts show how to utilize web caching practice to improve user's internet experience." ISite's technical staff will explain the web caching process, focus on benefits and tradeoffs of the experience and teach how to improve caching results.

For more information or to register for this free event please visit or email your request to

ISite Services, Inc. is a leading provider of business Internet solutions, with operating facilities in San Jose, California and Alexandria, Virginia. ISite's popular E-Operations suite provides the only integrated e-commerce and e-service solution suite capable of managing all aspects of business online. ISite's reliable, high-performance hosting services provide a seamless backdrop for millions of business transactions every day.

ISite's main offices are located at 2107 North First Street, Suite 360, San Jose, CA 95131. Voice: 408-452-6860. Fax: 408-437-3191. Email: URL:

Contact: Marti Miernik Phone: 408-452-6874 Email:

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