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Whose Web Is It Gonna Be

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Alan Herrell

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Last November, after a series of closed meetings, ICANN released a number of selections for new Top Level Domains. These are .biz, .info, .name, .pro, .museum, .aero and .coop.

The uproar over these selections was enough to get the US House Committee On Energy and Commerce to schedule a hearing on the matter. The hearing, entitled "Is ICANN's New Generation of Internet Domain Name Selection Process Thwarting Competition?" will be held here:
Thursday, February 8, 2001. 10:00 am
Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building.
Schedule Link

This hearing will focus on ICANN's recently announced selections of registry operators for new top level domains. Ostensibly they will examine this selection process.

This hearing is a chance for you to enter the process with your keyboard. Feedback Form.

If you use this form to provide information, please be topical and respectful with your comments. Two reasons, As public officials they deserve the same respect you would wish to have and the more weight your comments will have if you do not sound like a lunatic :)

ICANN is the private organization responsible for the Internet protocols regarding names and numbers. The ugly underbelly that allows us to click on links and see stuff. This came about as an agreement between the US Department of Commerce and ICANN to unbundle the internet from the US Government and make it an International Organization for all of Us. ICANN holds the future of every website, server, pixel and image in its hand. almost.

There are a number of issues facing every participant on the web, from viewer to designer to ISP. Copyright, Trademark, Privacy, Pornography and Freedom of Speech to name a few.

Until very recently, we (as in everybody reading this) have had an enormous freedom of expression on the web. A lot has to do with our abilities and the open and easy access to methods, material and desires. To insure that freedom of expression and speech continues, we may want to look beyond ourselves and consider how we would like to shape the future. Unlike a lot of things, we are on the ground floor of the web and how we do things now will determine if there will be a web in the future.

Disclaimer: I campaigned for a seat on the ICANN Board in July (ugly details and campaign site here).

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