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Ie 5 01 Is Out For Win95 98 Nt

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Matt Haughey

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Internet Explorer 5.01 has been made available for download from Microsoft. It is not on any of the local mirrors (tucows,, evolt archive, etc.), and I haven't heard any fanfare about it yet. It's also funny that a beta copy of Windows2000 (RC1) that I tried out over two months ago came with a browser that reported itself as 5.01. The IE homepage at MS doesn't even have a "what's new in this release" page, so it's too early to say whether or not their standards support has increased any. I'd comment on it's CSS support if I could download and try it tonight, but their servers are bogged down with security patch downloads (my copy of Win98 just alerted me to 4 new patches that were released today).

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