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Wesley Grubbs

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The WDF Contest site is currently having its third contest. This time it's a web design studio competition. If you're interested in what we are doing, visit out site and vote if you'd like to. Any one can vote and the contest is run on a pure fun basis.

The WDF Contest a free contest developed by 4 volunteers: Wesley Grubbs, designer and Moderator; Tim Booker, designer; Mike Lessar, cgi developer; Ashwin Kandoi, domain donator. Our goal is to promote web design and give designers insight on how the general public views their site. Many people ask to have their sites critiqued and this is a helpful way to do that objectively. We are also constantly developing our site. The voting script improves with each contest and a new re-design is on the road of being released.

The access keys for this page are: ALT (Control on a Mac) plus: is an all-volunteer resource for web developers made up of a discussion list, a browser archive, and member-submitted articles. This article is the property of its author, please do not redistribute or use elsewhere without checking with the author.