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New Media Underground Festival

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Eduard von Lindheim

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The New Media Underground Festival (N.M.U.F) is an organization or network whose objectives are to organize festivals or riots worldwide. The purpose of which being to stimulate inspiration, interaction, innovation and growth within the new media communities, by the sharing of knowledge. Thus, also encouraging us to meeting each other in "real life".

There will be a NMUF in San Francisco on Feb 19th and 20th

It's a non profit festival with speakers like Miko (ultrashock) Aquaman(figleaf/neurolust) Spydr (deconcept) Entrepum (undefined) Bzort-12 (bzort-12) Miltos (manetas) Hoss (h69)Peter and Samuel (move design) and Abe (one infinity)

The entrance will be $10

Justice League

628 Divisadero Street

(Divisadero @ Hayes Street)

info line: 415.289.2038

Western Addition

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