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Nyc Senior Perl Web Developer

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David Kaufman

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Trafficmac, an online ad trafficking company, seeks senior-level perl web developer to join our team in New York City (Manhattan). We're a small firm with offices internationally that develops and hosts sophisticated open-source based, web applications for a prestigious roster of online publishing clients. You will report directly to the CTO, and will have an opportunity to expand your skills and experience.

Our techniques and architecture are best practices and state of the art. We're all Perl, all objects, have testing, and believe in process. If you want to work in a progressive environment with skilled colleagues, this is the place for you.

Must live in NYC tri-state area. Telecommuters will not be considered. This is a full-time staff position.

Benefits include a great health care plan, with dental and life insurance, with a stable, profitable and successful company that has been in business since 1999. Salary offered will be based on experience.

Required skills:

  • 5+ years Perl experience
  • Solid working knowledge of SQL
  • Solid UNIX (Linux) experience
  • Solid Apache/mod_perl experience
  • Solid CVS experience

Desired skills

  • DBI, CGI::Application, HTML::Template
  • MySQL and/or PostgreSQL experience
  • PHP familiarity

Please email your resume to

No Telephone calls, please.

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