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Uk Production Manager North Hampshire

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Garrett Coakley

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User since: 27 Jun 1999

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North Hampshire (U.K.) based Internet development agency, gencon Ltd, is

looking for an experienced Production Manager with a true passion for

Internet solutions to control project flow through the production


Candidates should have a proven track record of managing a similar

enterprise with knowledge of all aspects of web development disciplines,

from pre-project planning through design and development to testing,

deployment and customer liaison at all stages. Knowledge of the LAMP

technology stack and standards-based web development would be major

advantage, whilst the ability to multi-task is essential.

A personable, systematic and disciplined team leader, you will need to

be a self starter with strong interpersonal and organisational skills,

adept at managing a team of diverse skill sets. You must be capable of

delivering projects on time, within budget and will be responsible for

work flow through the business. You will be required to lead the

generation and implementation of production process documentation and

provide regular performance management reports. Reporting directly to

the MD and working very closely with account managers, your remuneration

will directly reflect the performance of the production team.

Please send application (letting us know that you saw the post on with CV to:

Garrett has been working on the 'net since 1992 (he still gets misty eyed thinking about the first time he saw Mosaic) and now works for gencon as a developer / web standards monkey / Open Source advocate.

More of his ramblings and output can be found at his personal site

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