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London Junior Interaction Architect

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Chris Heilmann

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User since: 29 Jul 2002

Articles written: 17

Key responsibilities include:

  • Development of web templates for content management driven web applications
  • Maintenance of ongoing projects
  • Documentation of work and testing for standards compliance

The successful candidate will have:

  • At least two years work experience in the web development / IT sector
  • Very good knowledge of up-to-date web standards and best practices
  • A proactive, quality orientated approach to development
  • The ability to develop to given standards in a fast paced environment without much supervision
  • Experienced in working in medium to large sized teams in a well-structured and disciplined manner, e.g. test-driven development, version-control and deployment knowledge is helpful.
  • Demonstrate an active awareness and passion for software development
  • Customer focus with a high degree of professionalism
  • A degree in a numerate subject

Technical Skills:

  • Hands-on, valid HTML development (no WYSIWYG)
  • Dreamweaver Templating experience
  • Sound knowledge of CSS
  • Knowledge of accessibility standards and practices
  • Content management experience
  • PHP, XSLT/XML, JSP, ASP, .NET experience a plus

Additionally, candidates should have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to adapt to a changing work environment and structure
  • A desire to share knowledge and learn from others

E-mail your CV, together with a short covering e-mail and your salary expectations to

Currently employed in London as a Lead Front End Developer, Chris has been bouncing around the globe working for several agencies and companies. A web enthusiast from 1997 on workplaces include Munich, London, Santa Monica and San Francisco. More of Chris' writings can be found at and he blogs at

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