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Lead Biztalk Developer London York Uk

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Chris Heilmann

Member info

User since: 29 Jul 2002

Articles written: 17

Lead Developer

Salary - £30-35K

Description of Role

The successful appointee will be responsible for the delivery of message oriented middleware for small to mid size technology solutions and will be experienced in using Microsoft BizTalk 2004. The role will involve the leading of a team of similar skilled developers as well as working as part of such a team. Good communication skills to engage with internal Systems Analysts and external clients are essential. Proven delivery of quality components to time and budget is essential.

Main Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for the design, configuration & implementation of message based solutions
  • Ensuring that they can interpret and understand the structure and form of the requirements passed to them.
  • Build up a strong relationship with the appropriate systems analyst on their section of the project if it is a single stream of work.
  • Writing and ensuring that test cases are produced for the code they write in order that a test driven development approach may be adhered to.
  • Coaching and mentoring of like minded developers

Other Information

  • Motivated by technical challenges & able to work in both a dynamic & outcome orientated way.

Skills and Experience Required


  • Five years development in web technologies
  • Two years solid BizTalk experience
  • Track record in delivering components to budget and timescale
  • Strong proven technical skills in C#
  • Object Oriented development practices
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proven organisational skills with the ability to prioritise and meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to take responsibility, work on own initiative
  • Works well as part of a team and individually


  • Experience working with customers in a project/deadline situation.
  • Exposure to Vignette and Lagan Frontline Content management systems experience
  • Project or Team Management capabilities
  • Experience of Metastorm or other business process management integration products

Currently employed in London as a Lead Front End Developer, Chris has been bouncing around the globe working for several agencies and companies. A web enthusiast from 1997 on workplaces include Munich, London, Santa Monica and San Francisco. More of Chris' writings can be found at and he blogs at

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