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Junior Web Developer Job London

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Nick Defty

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For immediate start based in London.

A key player in the creative department of our exciting, fast paced advertising agency you will be involved in designing and building all aspects of digital design from websites, viral marketing/games to online promotions for a dynamic range of clients as well as maintaining current websites and campaigns.

Essential skills include:

  • 1+ yrs experience in web design (ideally in a professional agency)
  • Good Flash skills (basic Actionscript backed by a work portfolio)
  • Solid HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Education in a related field
  • A love of Camden Town

Desirable skills include:

  • Great eye for design
  • Illustration
  • PHP
  • ActionScript II
  • Experience of video for web

The ability to come up with concepts and an understanding of how design translates to a digital environment is essential.

Fully fluent in the necessary packages is, of course, a must.

To apply please email your CV/Portfolio/URLs to

Visit for more information.

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