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Arthur Kaye

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My client is a major NYC based broadcasting company. They are seeking an Interactive Developer for the Development and Web Production department. This person will work on a variety of projects for the website using Flash.

Salary to $70K.


  • Create templatized version of interactives for the editorial group

  • Work with various content creators to develop sophisticated interfaces for different pieces of the site.

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Demonstrated expertise with Flash specifically with respect to dynamic ActionScript-enabled presentations

  • Experience creating dynamic flash interfaces with external assets including text, images and video

  • Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS

  • Familiarity with Video Technologies

  • strong>Strong understanding of user interface principles

  • Ability to easily create interactive wireframe presentations to display design-free interactive behavior

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Works closely with the group's Front End Technologists to effectively include flash elements into site interfaces.

Candidates local to the metro NYC area strongly preferred.

Contact Arthur Kaye

I am a technical/executive recruiter, specializing in information technology professionals. I can be reached by email at kaye@cisny. com and by phone at 212-293-4353. I enjoy my work because it keeps me in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.

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