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Ui Design Expert Mumbai Hostway India

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Ruturaj K. Vartak

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User since: 19 Jun 2006

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We're looking for a UI Design Specialist to help drive the design process for new Hostway products and features. As the inhouse UI Expert, you will work closely with engineers, product managers and other designers throughout all stages of the product development to provide as simple and easy a customer experience as possible. Some examples of the products you might work on are: Web-based control panel for customers, AJAX-based Webmail, Online Reporting applications etc.

If you have a good design sensibility, problem solving skills, strong technical background, drive to make things better, and looking for an opportunity to make an impact on hundreds of thousands of users, this is the perfect job for you.


  • Analyze, design, and blueprint the architecture for successful user experiences, applying user interface principles and best practices to designs
  • Develop conceptual models, process flows, navigational maps, and strategies
  • Construct rapid prototypes, mockups, interaction requirements specifications and production interfaces
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to continuously improve existing products, features and Web site

If you feel, you are the one for the job, Please contact me at "ruturajv at hostway dot com" or visit Careers at Hostway

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