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Business Analyst For Institutional Investment Web Site Nyc

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Arthur Kaye

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NYC Based investment group, with a major initiative in their customer facing web site, is seeking a business analyst to join their team.

Salary: $80-100K + bonus

As the Business Analysts for the institutional investment management web site, the candidate will be responsible for the requirements gathering effort behind a strategic initiative to move all report delivery online. This person will be working closely with business users and the site development manager and will help map out the strategic direction, develop an incrementally delivery strategy and coordinate execution.

This role is ideally suited to a hands-on candidate who values making an individual contribution while helping to develop an overall web site strategy.

On a day-to-day basis the candidate will lead the non-development aspects of the software development lifecycle; initial positioning, business requirements, functional specification documentation, testing, UAT and deployment.

This role requires the following:

  • 3 years experience working with business units on the non development aspects of the application development lifecycle including analyzing business processes, documenting requirements, developing functional specifications and managing the transition process.

  • 2 years experience gathering requirements and writing functional specifications for reporting and web report delivery systems within financial services.

  • Excellent business communication skills, including written, verbal, and presentation skills.

  • Successful record of managing large-scale technology projects within cost and time estimates.

  • Ability to structure ambiguous business problems and recommend concrete technology solutions.

  • Ability to build and manage relationships with business management and key stakeholders.

Desired Education, Experience, Skills:

  • Experience in investment management or banking is a plus - definitely not required

  • Management consulting background a plus


REQUIRED: Computer Science / Software Engineering Bachelors

DESIRED: Computer Science / Software Engineering Masters

Candidates local to the NYC metropolitan area preferred.

Candidates should be eligible to work for any employer in the USA without visa issues.

contact Arthur Kaye at

All responses strictly confidential

I am a technical/executive recruiter, specializing in information technology professionals. I can be reached by email at kaye@cisny. com and by phone at 212-293-4353. I enjoy my work because it keeps me in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.

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