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1 Time Perl Wbbs Forum Move Setup Help

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Palyne Gaenir

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User since: 04 Mar 2000

Articles written: 2

Experience required: perl, mysql, wbb forum software setup

Location: telecommute assumed. Preferably in the USA.

Payment: paypal or visa-via-paypal promptly on completion. $150-200 US (I'm assuming this is 3-4 hours of work. If it looks like more in the first hour, contact me and we'll work it out.)

Contact: palyne at gmail dot com

Longterm webmaster (since '95) who is NOT a perl programmer (I do cfml), needs someone experienced at Perl AND "wbb" forum software, to move my perl-based wbb forum from one server to another.

This will require getting the database from MySQL, moving that and all the files to the new server, and installing/setting up the software at the new site.

(In a perfect world, someone with php experience could also set up a parallel php "phpbb2" forum and transfer all the user and message records there. But I don't know what kind of luck I'd have finding someone who could do this without me selling my firstborn for it. So the only major requirement is the ability to move the perl forum. If anybody has the PHP forum experience too and could do this, please do apply and talk to me about likely hours. But this is not necessary. My first priority is just getting the site off its current server and onto the new one.)

It took the previous server guy about 1.5-2 hours to do this he once told me, but then, he was familiar with it. I'm guessing it might take 3-4 hours for someone else. There are about 1,800 user registrations and 25,000 posts in the forum in question.

I'd like to get this done on a weekend, as weekends are the slow time for this forum.

Site in question: forum ( domain/wbbs/ )

Timeframe: really need to get this done soon (today is 12/5; hoping to get it done within December 2006).

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