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Web Application Developer

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Position Description

The Web Application Developer is part of the application development team within Development and Alumni Systems. The primary focus of this position is to support web-related services for the Office of Development, Office of Alumni Relations, and the UB Foundation.   

The Web Application Developer will work closely with other application developers and analysts within Development and Alumni Systems to provide programming support for various web-related services and applications.  Occasionally, the Web Application Developer will work with the staff supported by Development and Alumni Systems to gather requirements and feedback related to new and existing web-related services and applications.

Reporting Relationship

The Web Application Developer will report directly to the Director of Application and Web Development.


Responsibilities for this position include: 

  • Support web sites on the University at Buffalo’s central UNIX web host (wings) for the Office of Development, Alumni Relations, and the UB Foundation
  • Support existing e-commerce services for the Office of Development and the UB Foundation
  • Support, upgrade, and customize existing web based applications developed in-house as well as open source and proprietary applications currently implemented
  • Participate in the development of new applications based on business needs
  • Support the Department of Development Communications, the Office of Alumni Relations and the UB Foundation in their web and e-communication efforts
  • Assist staff in working with outside IT vendors
  • Assist with any other tasks assigned by the Director of Application and Web Development



A bachelor's degree is required. 



  • Two-plus years experience designing, developing, deploying and supporting database-driven web services and applications
  • Experience in ecommerce and encryption technologies
  • Experience with static and dynamic Web page development
  • Experience with W3C recommendations, web standards, ADA / 508 Compliance
  • Experience evaluating installing, configuring and supporting open source web applications


  • Experience with popular open source applications such as Drupal, Mambo/Joomla, phpBB, or Word Press
  • Proficient in any form of *nix scripting
  • Knowledge of information architecture and usability best practices

Technical Skills

Required:  LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver (or similar product), Photoshop 

Preferred:  Crystal Reports, .NET, IIS, Perl, Oracle 

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrate logical, analytical and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate long-term thinking to achieve goals of performance, scalability, interoperability, portability, reuse, and security for web-related services and applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • A high degree of maturity and professionalism 

Status:  Exempt 

Hiring Range:  $45,000 to $55,000 

Please send resume, cover letter, three professional references and salary history by January 5, 2007: 

Donna M. Cross  (

Office of the Vice President for External Affairs

University at Buffalo

503 Capen Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260-1602 

Kristy Frey is a PHP Certified Engineer and open source php web applications are her passion.

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