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Web 2 0 Marketing Assistant In India S Silicon Valley Bangalore

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Jessy Jolly

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User since: 12 Mar 2007

Articles written: 2

We at Hitiki are travel freaks. Hitiki means community in North Marquesan a Polynesian language. The aim of Hitiki is to create an online multilingual travel guide based on Wiki principles. Hitiki went online December 2006, in test mode. As an open travel project the venture has only a partly commercial background.

In India Hitiki is supported by the major Indian portal (,,, an Internet and IT company with about 140 employees.

To support our team we are looking for creative and web savvy trainees to:

develop and implement innovative (online) marketing strategies,

contribute to project design and development

Besides of a dedicated and independent workflow we expect:

  • experience in online marketing ideally understand in detail why Google has become successful, what is the special thing about eBay’s business model, have heard about Craig Newmark and know what SEO and Ajax is; in other words, you know the Internet and the key factors of success in the Internet

  • enthusiasm for travel

  • creativity, dedication to the project and

  • excellent English

At Hitiki you will get the possibility to:

  • get to know the working principles of Internet companies,

  • work independently,

  • gather experience in an open minded international team and

  • live in Bangalore, the funkiest town and Silicon Valley of India

Please send your detailed application with a photo of your choice to:

Jessy Jolly

E-mail:; Other jobs:

Company name: Hitiki

Branch: Internet, online travel guide

Location: 4th Floor, Shanthishree Complex, # 17/1, Rupena Agrahara, Hosur Road,

Bangalore – 560 068, India

Start: ASAP or later - Duration: min. 6 months - Payment: 150-300 USD, depending on your qualifications

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