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Web Developer Environmental Technology Outreach Silver Spring Md

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Peter Riddle

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Environmental Management Support, a small, professional services consulting firm, has an immediate opening for a web developer with 1-3 years experience. You will work with our existing web team and federal clients developing, managing, and enhancing dynamic web sites and web-based applications. Some of these sites are hosted on our servers, while others are incorporated into federal web sites. Our ideal candidate identifies with most, if not all, of the following:

  • Develops in ColdFusion 7 now and is itching to get their hands on Scorpio
  • Codes in Dreamweaver or CFEclipse
  • Works with JavaScript on a regular basis (AJAX experience is a plus)
  • Knows their way around Access and MySQL
  • Is comfortable in Photoshop or Fireworks
  • Produces standards
  • based XHTML and CSS
  • Is familiar with Section 508
  • Is interested in OO programming, frameworks, Flash, and Flex

Because you will be working directly with clients, we are also looking for someone who is detail-oriented and has excellent writing, communication, planning, and customer service skills. Any project management experience is also a plus.

You may also conduct internet research; and write, edit, and produce technical documents for use on our various web sites. A four-year degree is required for this position.

EMS offers a superb benefits package, including comprehensive medical, training, and retirement, and a casual work environment with flexible hours. Please send a detailed resume (PDF), cover letter, and salary expectations to No recruiters or agencies.

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