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Web Developer Chiswick London Uk

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Toby Trembath

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User since: 24 May 2007

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Wild West, a small busy design agency, are seeking a bright developer with a good eye for design, layout and detail to join their friendly team in Chiswick.

You will have to show creative as well as technical aptitude and be happy

hand-coding as well as using the usual Adobe applications. You will be keen

to learn and stay atop of the latest web technologies, enjoy creating clean

solutions and have an appreciation of accessibility and good UI design.

You should at least know the meaning of XHTML, CSS, Ajax, PHP,

MySQL, Apache and DNS; experience and fluency with these will be

a definite advantage.

Ours is a busy, friendly studio.

To apply please send your cv listing your best url’s and explaining

your role in their production to

Salary according to experience.

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