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Information Architect

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Mattio Valentino

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Overall Job Objective:

This position is responsible primarily for maintaining and developing the interface and usability of our online products as well as helping to draft and implement an overall web strategy for the company.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Create wireframes and storyboards to indicate process flow of online sites.
  2. Create design brief discussing the design objectives of the sites.
  3. Work with Creative Services department to solicit designs from outside designers.
  4. Conduct focus groups to test site designs for usability.
  5. Help to draft and implement an overall web strategy in consultation with other departments.
  6. Advise project managers and developers on best web practices.


  1. Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for cross-browser and cross-platform websites
  2. Experience designing complex sites utilizing key accessibility, user interface, and information architecture concepts
  3. Proven web design and development skills with current samples
  4. The ability and desire to learn new software and technologies quickly
  5. The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  6. The ability to work both independently and with a development team
  7. Bachelors degree or related experience

Minimum Knowledge Required: 2 years experience with web design and information architecture; background in core web technologies.

Technology/Software Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator. Some C#.NET, JSP, PHP or ASP.NET is helpful. Experience with XML and XSL is preferred but not required.

Pleaes respond to:

Greenwood Publishing Group

Human Resources

88 Post Road West

Westport, CT 06881


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