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Job Usability Ui Expert Nyc Permanent Recruiter

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Arthur Kaye

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Broadcasting group, HQ in NYC, is expanding their web offerings, building out and expanding current sites, developing and rolling out sites in parallel with new On Air offerings, is seeking a

Usability / User Interface Expert

This company is the leader in several areas of the industry. This exciting opportunity is for a group that is like a startup in a well established company with a track record of succeeding in bringing the best offerings to the web.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Team with product management, software engineers, marketing, technical

    writers and customers to plan and execute the UI design/usability

    portion of product interface
  • Identify user profiles, their user interface (UI) needs and tasks

  • Lead structured task analyses

  • Design and deliver low- to mid-fidelity UI prototypes (design and

    collaborate on the delivery of high-fidelity prototypes) that satisfy

    both functional and usability requirements

  • Design, conduct and analyze iterative usability evaluations with

    representative users

  • Write detailed UI specifications for the final design and advise

    developers during coding

  • Survey customer satisfaction with the user interfaces we deliver

  • Create UI style guides in formats that are effective and useful for


Required Job Skills:

  • Proficiency with any kind of UI prototyping software (Visio, Axure)

  • Advanced knowledge of UI design principles and Windows usability

  • Hands-on experience with the methods of user centered design

  • Experience working with software development phases

  • Ability to build team consensus around new UI designs

  • Experience building prototypes for usability testing

  • Knowledge of user interface design principles for Windows applications

Job Latitude:

  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision in keeping

    with the company culture

  • Ability to be self-motivated and the ability to motivate

    cross-functional teams

Education / Experience:

  • Strong technical skills in both the e-commerce and traditional

    business arena.

  • Bachelor's Degree required.

  • Candidates local to the NYC metro area strongly preferred.

Because there are no new H1-B visas available, candidates must already be eligible to work in the United States for ANY employer.

Client will not relocate for this position. Candidates not local to the metro NYC area willing to interview and relocate at their own expense will be considered.

Salary to $85K, plus bonus.

All replies in confidence.

Contact me by sending a copy your resume to Arthur Kaye at

All qualified responses will be contacted.

I am a technical/executive recruiter, specializing in information technology professionals. I can be reached by email at kaye@cisny. com and by phone at 212-293-4353. I enjoy my work because it keeps me in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.

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