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Senior Interactive Developer London

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Pascal Auberson

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Specialmoves are a high-end production company servicing the interactive industry. We work with above-the-line and digital agencies providing consultancy and build skills to help them deliver 'wow' level interactive projects.

We are looking for a Senior Interactive Developer to join our rapidly growing team.

Reporting to the Technical Director you will be an open-minded problem solver with excellent attention to detail, a willingness to learn and a drive to create the best interactive experiences. You should be comfortable coding in several languages both server and client-side and not be daunted by complex projects involving multiple programmers.

Core Activities:

You will have an extensive knowledge of :

  • Real-time 3D programming in Shockwave, PaperVision or another 3D technology

  • ActionScript 2 coding with common design patterns

  • Standards compliant XHTML, CSS & JavaScript

  • Server-side coding such in PHP or ASP.NET

  • Basic database design.

Ideally you will have exposure to and an understanding of :

  • ActionScript 3 & Flex

  • 3D Studio Max

  • Director & Lingo.


  • Proven real world experience of complex programming tasks

  • Ability to make quick and accurate decisions

  • Great communication skills and attention to detail

  • Ability to work alongside other senior programmers and give guidance and inspiration to juniors.

Above all we're looking for a team player with a real desire to be a first class programmer and create 'wow' level interactive experiences.

Salary, start date and contact details

This is a permanent position. We would like you to start as soon as possible.

Salary £40-60k depending on ability and experience.

Please send your CV and a brief description about yourself to Bunny Watts (

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