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Technically Focused User Experience Designer

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Pascal Auberson

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Specialmoves are a high-end production company servicing the interactive industry. We work with above-the-line and digital agencies providing consultancy and build skills to help them deliver ‘wow’ level interactive projects.

We are looking for a Technically Focused User Experience Designer to join our rapidly growing team. This is not a web design or a developer job.

Reporting to the head of User Experience Design, you’ll have good, practical experience of user centred design, information architecture and interaction design. You’ll be comfortable initiating user research, analysing results, performing interaction design and running usability studies.

You'll be a problem solver able to research, analyse and design a variety of digital interfaces from traditional websites through to innovative game-like applications. We want someone who fully understands the technical aspects of User Experience Design and is as comfortable with clients and end users as they are with their statistical analysis tools.

Core Activities

  • Understand and analyse complex technical, business and usability requirements and produce timely, effective proposals to meet them
  • Perform and analyse user research including stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry, task analysis, surveys and card sorts
  • Create and use, personas, use-cases, user flows and wire-frame documentation
  • Design information architectures and initiate interaction design for a diverse range of applications including games, online marketing as well as traditional web build
  • Brief and oversee designers and programmers and ensure their work stay true to the project vision


  • Fantastic communication skills and attention to detail
  • Proven real world experience of performing user research, interaction design and running usability studies
  • Know the difference between Fitts’ law and Hicks law and why they are important
  • A belief that the Jacob Nielsen is right about most things with the notable exception being his choice of clothes
  • Proficiency with common documentation software (Word, Excel, OmniGraffle etc)
  • Abilities to make quick and accurate decisions
  • Degree / HND level qualification or 3 years relevant experience

Above all we’re looking for a team player with a real desire to work at the technical end of User Experience Design and be part of a team creating ‘wow’ level interactive experiences.

Salary, start date and contact details

This is a permanent position. We would like you to start as soon as possible.

Salary £25-40k depending on experience

Please send your CV and a brief description about yourself to Katy Morgan (

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